Writing 101 w/Seth Worley

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Triune Films and Writer/Director, Seth Worley, are pleased to bring you the first of a new series of Filmmaker Courses, "Writing 101". 

This digital download pack consists of 11 videos walking through the basics of story structure, character, theme, and a comprehensive walk-through of outlining a story in the form of a clock. Along with the instructional videos, this pack contains several great resources and templates to help you get your ideas out of your head and into script form. 

Seth Worley is a writer and director of short films and branded content for Red Giant, Bad Robot Productions, Canon, and many more.

Video List:
1. Intro (2:11)
2. Starting Point (2:11)
3. Basic Structure (4:35)
4. Basic Archetypes (2:54)
5. Basic Theme (3:22)
6. Clock Overview (3:23)
7. Clock Your Ideas (3:37)
8. Sitting Down (4:00)
9. Formatting (2:50)
10. Cardboard Man (4:06)
11. Assets (1:29)

Included assets:
- Clock outlining template
- Idealist template
- Timecode log template

Example movie clocks:
- Back to the Future
- Jurassic Park
- Raiders of the Lost Ark
- Star Trek (2009)
-Toy Story

Assets from Seth's films:
- Old/New script
- Old/New idea pile
- Old/New Clock
- Real Gone Script
- Real Gone treatment

Writing 101 w/Seth Worley