Writing 201 w/Seth Worley

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Writer/Director, Seth Worley has teamed with Triune Films to bring you the long-awaited follow up to Writing 101. 

In Writing 201 Seth teaches:

  • Breaking and Outlining Stories
  • Creating Characters
  • Writing Dialogue
  • Story Structure
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Writing Short Films vs Features.

Seth Worley is a writer and director of short films and branded content for Red Giant, Bad Robot Productions, Canon, and many more.

Video List:
1: Intro & Disclaimers
2: Making Plans
3: Making Characters Great Again
4: Keep Your Enemies Closer
5: Structure: An Overview
6: The Normal World
7: Normalcy Disrupted
8: The New World
9: Point Of No Return
10: Here Come The Jerks
11: The New Normal
12: Talking Good
13: Scene Actioning Good
14: Writing Shorts
15: Pitching

Included movie clocks:
- Guardians of the Galaxy
- Rogue One
- Twister
- Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Writing 201 w/Seth Worley