Tape Loop SFX

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From rain on a car to looped synths and cable scrambles, this pack provides loops that add background to your film. Perfect when wanting to add noise textures.
Tape Loop SFX

Tape Loop SFX Includes:

128 Files total in .wav format

AMBIENCE - 96k/24bit | 33 Files
Tape Loops and tape saturated recordings of Jungles, Rain, Creeks, Insects and
city locations.

MUSICAL - 96k/24bit | 62 Files
- Tape Loops of drum beats and percussive layers created from
electronic and acoustic sources.

TONAL - Tape Loops of musical phrases and dense layers of synthesizers, piano,
voice and harmonium.

NOISE - 96k/24 bit | 33 Files
Tape Loops of distorted field recordings, feedback and noise created with
electromagnetic mics, contact mics and traditional condenser mics.