After Effects 101

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Learn Adobe After Effects from the amazing Brian Behm. Sit back, relax, and dig into an amazing software.
After Effects 101

AE 101 Includes:

  • 7 Classes
  • Split across 52 lessons
  • 12+ hours of After Effects training
  • Project assets to follow along

In After Effects 101, Brian Teaches:

  • Basic motion design concepts
  • Applying and animating effects
  • Masking
  • Motion and camera tracking
  • Methods of keying footage
  • Using image channels to your advantage
  • How master properties can speed up your workflow
  • Building simple tools to make your work life easier
  • Working with scenes from Cinema4D
  • Compositing methods for stock footage
  • Color matching and correction
  • Set extensions
  • Working with 3D render passes
  • Visual observation
  • Design thinking for problem-solving

Your Instructor: Brian Behm

Brian is a freelance creative director, motion, and visual effects artist based in Austin, TX. His augmented reality streetwear project, No_Sys, works to empower and amuse people through secret messages. He’s excited about how Augmented Reality plays into the future of art and how one can create agency and humor through surprising methods. He’s lectured at conferences across the U.S. including NAB, SIGGRAPH, and SXSW and taught for Maxon, Adobe, and Red Giant. Most weekends find him spending time with his family and enjoying some Tex-Mex with a giant cold beverage.

Brian's Work