Heroes and Villains Scores

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Inspired by the music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this pack gives you themes for 6 heroes and 6 villains with an additional battle track for each, giving you 18 original royalty-free tracks!

Heroes and Villains Scores

Heroes and Villains Includes:

  • 18 Royalty-Free tracks composed by Ben Worley
  • All tracks include broken out stems for full customization
  • Additional Hits and Risers for easy editing
  • All in .wav format



  • Shelight
  • Devastator
  • Shelight vs Devastator
  • Kobra Kid
  • Kid Vicious
  • Kobra Kid vs Kid Vicious
  • Z-Rex
  • Dr. Peril
  • Z-Rex vs Dr. Peril
  • Monsoon
  • Ultroid
  • Monsoon vs Ultroid
  • Ghostbomb
  • Revoltage
  • Ghostbomb vs Revoltage
  • Dark Net
  • Clockwize
  • Dark Net vs Clockwise