PROXiMITY - HD Digital Copy with Special Features

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This digital copy of 'PROXiMITY' comes with the full film in MUCH higher quality than you get on YouTube and a bunch of extras you can't get anywhere else. Including a deep look into the making of the film, an in depth directors commentary and more.



  1. Full HD version of the film. (11 minutes)
  2. Behind the Scenes Featurette. (1 hour)
  3. Watch With Ryan - Director commentary with picture-in-picture. (19 minutes)
  4. Spotting Session with Sound Designer Rob Krekel. (16 minutes)
  5. Ungraded footage from the film for you to use. (1 minute)
  6. Evolution of a VFX (1 minute)
  7. Digital copy of the shooting script.


GENRE: Action/Thriller


Directed, shot and edited by: Ryan Connolly

Written by: Ryan Connolly & Seth Worley


Cast: Todd Bruno, Josh Connolly, Justin Robinson, Tim Connolly sr., Daniel James, Tim Allen, Arris Quinones, Tim Connolly jr.

PROXiMITY - HD Digital Copy with Special Features